Heartwood AquaDuck Floating Duck House

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Transform your pond into an inviting backyard wildlife sanctuary!

This is one huge duck house!

The impressive Heartwood Floating Duck House enhances your pond by adding a wonderful architectural element. More importantly, it provides a safe pond habitat for ducks and other waterfowl. Enjoy the festive antics of domestic or migratory waterfowl as they bask on the platform or care for their young. Once located in your pond, the Floating Duck House shelters eggs and ducklings and increases protection from predators. Duck ladders located on the sides of the Floating Duck House welcome ducks with easy access onto the platform.

Twin nesting chambers! There are two 6" x 8" openings on both sides of the duck house. The center partition can be removed to provide a single space or left in to make the shelter a duplex with two nesting compartments.

Ready-to-assemble floating duck house is quality-constructed with durable materials to provide years of enjoyment. Floating platform is made of pressure-treated pine for a lasting foundation for the 100% cypress shelter. Platform measures 45" x 45" and the shelter measures 34" in diameter. The total height from waterline to the peak of the roof is 47". Includes stainless steel hardware.

All parts are clearly marked and all fasteners are included. Assembly should require 15 minutes with a cordless screwdriver or regular screwdriver. When fully assembled, the Floating Duck House weighs about 75 pounds.

Please see assembly instructions and general information below for more details about the Floating Duck House!

Dimensions: 45" x 45" x 47"

Note: Ships dimensional oversized in multiple packages. Additional freight charges may apply depending on order size and destination zone.

Made in the USA 

Mallard Drake 

Watch ducks nesting up close!

Mount our Hawk Eye Nature Video Camera inside your duck house, then connect the nature cam to your television or computer and see what that duck hen does during those long weeks as she sits on her eggs. Listen too. The Hawk Eye’s sensitive microphone brings all the sounds of nature right into your television.  CLICK HERE to learn more!

Note: To successfully operate the Hawk Eye Nature with the Floating Duck House make sure the cable running from the camera has no openings or tears. Also, no cable splices should be submerged in water. For better results, when submerged in pond water try installing the camera cable inside a length of sealed PVC.

See the Hawk Eye in Action!!

Click Here to watch video!  

Save $$ on the Hawk Eye Nature Camera when purchased with this nestbox! (available at checkout). 

Note: Camera shipped separately. Additional shipping charges will apply.

AquaDuck Floating Duck House Assembly Instructions