Conservation Bufflehead Duck House

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A nest box sized just right for Bufflehead ducks!

We make a habitat for every species of cavity nesting bird in North America. All of our products are correct for the species, easy to clean, well insulated and provide for the proper drainage. Every house includes an educational brochure specific to the species.

Buffleheads live by lakes, rivers and bays. Most breed in the northwestern part of North America. As winter nears, Buffleheads migrate to coastal water on the Atlantic, Gulf and Pacific coasts. Buffleheads travel to breeding grounds in Alaska and western Canada in February, March and April. They nest in tree cavities, especially old flicker holes. The female returns every year to the area of her birth and lays one egg each morning for six to 11 days, some time between mid-April and May. The Bufflehead is the only tree-nesting duck that can use nest holes of flickers. The Bufflehead, with its striking white sides and white patch on its head, is smaller than most cavity nesting ducks. Dependent on nest boxes, this house is ideal due to the scarcity of holes excavated by flickers.

This nest box is constructed out of quality Eastern White Pine. Handcrafted in the USA!

Bufflehead House Dimensions:

17-3/4"h x 9-1/4"w x 11"d; 4" entrance hole; Weight: 10 lbs.

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Made in the USA 

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Watch wood ducks nesting!

Mount our Hawk Eye Nature Video Camera inside your duck house - connect the nature cam to your television or computer and see what that Wood Duck or Bufflehead does during those long weeks as she sits on her eggs. Listen too. The Hawk Eye’s sensitive microphone brings all the sounds of nature right into your television. CLICK HERE to learn more!

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