Forever 1 Quart Sunflower Feeder Twin Pack

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1 Qt Forever Colors:

Weather Guard (Optional):

2nd Weather Guard (Optional):

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Attract Colorful Birds To Your Yard!

They're made to last Forever!

Features include:

  • Molded durable acrylic cover and seed tray
  • Available in Neon Orange (shown above), Yellow, Clear and Red. Select color at checkout 
  • Lifetime guaranteed stainless steel screen
  • Holds 1 qt. of sunflower, peanut seed or blends
  • 5" W x 13 1/2"H w/ hanging cable
  • Individually boxed for easy packaging and gift-giving
  • Lifetime Guarantee.
  • Made in the USA

Set of 2 Feeders/Pack

Made in the USA 

Forever 1 Qt Sunflower Feeder Yellow


Forever 1 Qt Feeder Red

Red 3 Qt Nyjer Feeder

Forever 1 Qt Feeder Clear

Clear 1 Qt Nyjer

Add a Weather Guard! 

Fancy Swirl 13" Diameter Acrylic Weather Guards

Hang a one of our 13" diameter Fancy Swirl Weather Guards above your Forever Feeder to protect against rain and weather. These durable 1/8" thick acrylic weather guards come with brass hardware. Available in the same Clear, Orange, Red or Yellow color as your Forever Feeder. Your Forever Feeder will really stand out hanging beneath one of these attractive color coordinated weather guards. Also use them above hummingbird feeders, oriole feeders, finch feeders and butterfly feeders. Lifetime guarantee. Made in the USA.

Save $$ when you order Fancy Swirl Weather Guards with your Forever Feeder!

Weather Guards are available at checkout. Please see order instructions below.

If ordering only one Weather Guard select the option group "One Weather Guard", then pick your color. 

If ordering two Weather Guards select your colors from both option groups "One Weather Guard" and "2nd Weather Guard".

Or, CLICK HERE to order from the Weather Guard page