Audubon Post Mount Squirrel Baffle 22" Green

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Keep squirrels from climbing up your bird feeder post!

Confound tenacious squirrels before they raid your bird feeders. Before installing your birding items to a 4"x4" post, position the large Woodlink Post Mount Squirrel Baffle as a protective barrier. The baffle's large 22" diameter prevents squirrels from climbing up the post and raiding your bird seed. Doubling as a predator guard, this steel baffle is also effective against predators that might be interested in entering bird houses. Using the included 1" wood screws, simply attach the metal support brackets to a 4"x4" approximately 4'-5' above the ground, then slide the baffle over the post to rest on the supports.

For long-lasting durability and beauty, this baffle is powder-coated in an attractive, dark green color. The weather-resistant finish withstands years of protection and use. Made in the USA.

Note: Be sure to install this Squirrel Baffle before installing a bird feeder.

22" dia. x 6.5"H

Color: Dark Green