Deluxe Cedar Wood Duck House

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Sized perfectly for nesting Wood Ducks!

Ships fully assembled!

Deluxe Cedar Wood Duck House
- This cedar duck house is designed to be mounted on a pole in the water or at the water's edge in wetland areas for wood ducks. With a built in predator guard, a 4" oval entrance hole, and a slanted overhanging roof, this house is designed to safely and comfortably house wood ducks. The wood ducks living in this house will also stay safe from the elements as well as safe from predators like snakes or raccoons.
Comes with a small wire grid mesh inside to help ducklings climb out of the house and fly to water when they are ready. There are no grip grooves or perches outside the house in order to protect the ducks from outside predators. 
A door on the side of the house allows for easy access to the interior - making clean out a simple and quick task. Simply open the clean out door and replace the nesting material inside when performing annual maintenance. This Wood Duck House also comes with pre-drilled drainage holes so that the house stays cleaner and safer for the nesting ducks.
Nesting Material: Since Wood Ducks will not find their own nesting materials, your Wood Duck House will include two bags of pine shavings. Adding 4-6" of shavings to the floor when mounting will make the house more appealing to the Wood Ducks. If you need to replace the nesting material, pine shavings are the safest option.
The Cedar Wood Duck House comes fully assembled and ready for installation. This house comes with pre-drilled pilot holes for mounting on the floor of the house, along with larger holes drilled to help with drainage to keep the house cleaner and safer.
The all-cedar construction of this Wood Duck House is naturally resistant to weather and insects, therefore no external treatment should be applied to the house.
Note: No paint or varnish should be applied to this house, internally or externally, as it could be poisonous to the ducks.


* Wood Duck Box with a 3" x 4" entrance and 2 bags of wood shavings
* Hand sanded, assembled with stainless steel and dichromate screws
* All western red cedar construction
* Handcrafted in the USA

Dimensions: 12" x 12" x 21'H; 3" x 4" oval entrance hole

Dimensional oversized. Additional freight charges may apply depending on order size and destination zone.

Made in the USA 

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