Audubon Bottoms Up Finch Feeder Set of 2

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Category : Thistle/Nyjer Seed Tubular Bird Feeders


Lets Finches Feed Upside Down!

It is known that small songbirds, particularly Goldfinches love to feed upside down. The Bottoms Up Finch Feeder provides hours of entertainment watching birds feed upside down. Holds 1.25 lbs. of nyjer thistle seed. 6 feeding perches. 18" polycarbonate tube with yellow polypropylene tops, bottoms and perches. Includes hanger. Easy to fill and clean. Made in the USA.

Set of 2 Bottoms Up Finch Feeders

Seed Capacity: 1.25 lbs. Nyjer

Dimensions: 3" x 5-1/2" x 18" tall with hanger 

Made in the USA