Audubon Mini Magnum Thistle (Nyjer) Feeder

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Audubon Magnum Series Bird Feeders!

Birds love Magnums! These feeders are built to survive the elements of nature and provide years of enjoyment. MAGNUM® Feeders attract and feed more birds than any other feeder of comparable size!

Add a dining station just for goldfinches to your backyard with the Audubon Mini Magnum Thistle Feeder. This all steel unit is specifically made to withstand outdoor exposure, and its classic shape brings a familiar look to your garden. The central seed reservoir, crafted from steel mesh, holds 0.5 quarts of thistle seed. The 0.125” square openings allow birds not only to cling on this reservoir, but also to reach the thistle. A green, steel cap and base complete the unit, and the stepped design of the roof directs any rain away from the seed. Holes on the bottom tray allow any captured water to drain, and the center of this base extends into the tube to form a baffle. The green color of the top and bottom enhance your landscaping, and the convenient size of this unit makes it a great addition for any avian sanctuary. Crafted from steel, this item remains durable for many seasons, and is a great offering for young birders. Hang the unit from a branch using its attached, top metal loop, and lift the lid up this hanger for easy refilling. Offer small birds a unique feeding station with the Audubon Mini Magnum Thistle Feeder.

  • All-Steel Hunter Green Tops and Bottoms 
  • Metal Mesh Screens.
  • Easy to clean and fill.
  • Fully Assembled
  • 1 Pint Capacity
  • 4.75" Dia x 11.75"H

Birds that use this feeder include chickadees, finches, goldfinches, redpolls, and siskins

Seed or Feed Options: Thistle (Nyjer) seed

Capacity: 0.5 quarts, 0.75 lbs.

Dimensions: 4.5" diameter base x 8.625"H